Women Run Arkansas– Jonesboro (previously known as Women Can Run) is a free 10 week running clinic that teaches women the proper ways to walk and run.


The clinics are designed to meet the needs of all ability levels.  From beginning walkers and runners to intermediate and advanced runners with specific training goals, no one is left out! Training groups are lead by past clinic participants who give back by volunteering their time, talent, and knowledge to lead other women. Training plans have been curated for each category in order to increase strength and endurance and prevent injury.


The Jonesboro clinic is held every spring. At the completion of the 10 weeks of training, your graduation event will be our Women Run Arkansas Graduation 5k in Conway on May 9, 2020. 


Registration for Women Run Arkansas– Jonesboro is now open.



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Women Run Arkansas– Jonesboro is one of 40 clinics that is part of a state wide program through Women Run Arkansas Running Club

Women Run Arkansas–Jonesboro is sponsored by Gearhead Outfitters, Inc.and NEA Baptist Clinic.